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Sobella Paris


Ideal for all those who do not support the addition of eyelashes.

Standard from 10 a.m. to 19 p.m.

☎️ Book for FREE online or by phone at +33981048686 and pay in institute.

Eyelash enhancement Sobella Paris 

Have you always dreamed of having natural curled eyelashes effortlessly and without opting for eyelash extensions? Then eyelash enhancement is for you!

The eyelash lift allows you to naturally enhance the eyelashes, without having to use eyelash extensions. The effect is visible immediately. This service is ideal for women who do not want to weigh down their look with eyelash extensions. 

Enjoy an incredibly soft look without it looking artificial for long-lasting wear.

The effect is natural and lasts 1 month on average.

Make an appointment for an eyelash enhancement by Sobella Paris for a guaranteed WAW effect!
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Can't stand eyelash extensions?

Thanks to our eyelash enhancement technique, enjoy a doe look and curved eyelashes without eyelash extensions. Completely painless and for a period of 3 weeks, our eyelash enhancement is the ideal solution for all those who cannot stand eyelash extensions.