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BrowLift, this summer's beauty trend for structured eyebrows

1. The Brow Lift technique

2. Who is the BowLift made for? 

3. How does a BrowLift work at Sobella Paris? 

4. What are the benefits of Browlift?

6. When to do a BrowLift?


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Eyebrows are a key part of beauty. Their shape, thickness and color enhance your look and ensure the WAW effect as soon as you are seen. They are of paramount importance for our perception of beauty. Having well-shaped eyebrows that meet the beauty criteria of our time is essential. This sublimates your look and harmonizes all the beauty of your face.


The Brow Lift technique

The Brow Lift is a technique that enhances and thickens the eyebrows for a more full and voluminous effect. The Brow Lift is non-invasive and painless. It allows the restructuring of the eyebrows by raising the hairs of the latter.

The Brow Lift restructures the eyebrows, raises them and thickens them for a fuller and more voluminous effect. It is done using a brush and several treatments. The combination of their actions makes it possible to obtain thick and marked eyebrows.

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Who is the BowLift made for?

The BrowLift is ideal for all women who want thicker and restructured eyebrows but without going to Microblading or Microshading.
The Brow Lift is done in a beauty salon and you can find this service at our Sobella Paris beauty salon in Suresnes.

Whether you are brunette, blonde or redhead, the BrowLift is made for you. This restructuring technique can be of particular interest to all those with a rather drooping, thick and poorly structured eyebrow shape. Thanks to the BrowLift, restore new vitality to your eyes.

How does a BrowLift work at Sobella Paris?

Want to make an appointment for a BrowLift? Nothing's easier ! Visit our website by clicking here: and make an appointment easily and for free online.

A BrowLift session lasts approximately 30 minutes. During the performance, keep your eyes closed and relax. You are in good hands. To start, we perform our famous eyebrow beauty diagnosis.

We will then answer all your questions and give you beauty advice in order to provide you with an optimal result. At the end of this diagnosis, we will determine together the style that will best suit your face.

Then we will brush your eyebrows and apply first aid. After letting the treatment rest for a few minutes, a second treatment will be applied to all the hairs in order to soften the keratin. A new rest time will then be necessary at this stage.

The action of the two treatments will allow us to style the eyebrows in order to be able to give them the shape we want and to restructure them.

At the end of the service, a final restorative and nourishing treatment will be necessary to strengthen the hairs and finalize the procedure.

Finally, we will pluck your eyebrows in the shape we have defined.

*Tip: let your eyebrows grow and do not pluck them for at least 3 weeks before doing a Browlift.


What are the benefits of Browlift?

The technique of BrowLift eyebrows is completely painless and fast, at a very affordable cost.

It allows the eyebrows to adopt a thick and natural style at the same time. The advantage is that you can choose the shape and density you want according to your eyebrow base.

The result will look natural and you won't be forced to wear them daily.

Enjoy thicker, stronger, more beautiful and natural eyebrows quickly. Our service lasts 30 min and will last up to 3 weeks.

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When to do a BrowLift?

We recommend the BrowLift anytime. The service being completely risk-free and painless, it can be done regularly.

You can also do a BrowLift before an important evening or an outing with friends. This make-up technique will enhance your look for a period of 3 weeks.

Ideal for all those who wish to have an intense and perfect look for going out.

Are your eyebrows marked by time? are they collapsed? You can take advantage of a BrowLift to give your face a more youthful appearance.

You can use BrowLift if you have eyebrows that are too short, too gray or lacking in thickness.

Do you want to consult all our services and also be part of our sublime clients? Then click on the following link:, make an appointment online for free and without deposit, and come and visit us.

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