You are an entrepreneur in the field of beauty or beautician ?

You want to create your own institute beauty and professionalize yourself?

Or you simply want to discover the world of beauty and you to train for a trade who does not know the crisis?

Then the Sobella Academy™️ has been created for you.

Thanks to the Sobella Academy™️, learn the latest beauty techniques who make the success of our Beauty Institute and become an expert.

Information at: +33176502255 

  • What are Sobella Academy training courses?

    Sobella Academy training can help you succeed in the world of beauty, whatever your level of knowledge and skills.

  • For whom are they intended?

    Our training courses are intended for novices wishing to discover the world of beauty professions as well as experienced professionals seeking to increase their income and perfect their technique.

  • How are they taught?

    Our training modules follow a step-by-step progression, to help you acquire basic knowledge and support you in developing your skills. Personalized advice is given at each stage of the course for optimal learning.

  • When are they and where are they taught?

    Our face-to-face training program within our premises and are designed to support you and bring you maximum value by coaching and following you throughout the training period.

  • Why should you take our courses?

    Sobella Academy training offers motivated people the opportunity to learn the beauty trades, allowing them to achieve financial freedom and radically change their lives.

  • Does it really work?

    The members of our community who have taken our training have their own beauty salon or work for themselves, which offers them unparalleled financial and temporal freedom.

They have all been trained by the Sobella Academy

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