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How to generate more customers through an effective marketing strategy?

How to generate more customers through an effective marketing strategy?

It is important to properly define your marketing strategy for your beauty salon in order to obtain lasting results. These tips are obviously valid whether you own a hair salon, a tattoo parlor or a nail salon.

Beauty marketing strategies must be precisely defined and all your employees must be trained in their use.

These marketing strategies should encompass all areas of the business, including advertising and promotion.

In this article, we will give you the tools to properly assimilate the basics of beauty marketing.


Let's see it all together.

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Beauty salon owner thinking about her marketing strategy 


1. Gain visibility

2. Stand out from the competition

3. Become more profitable

4. Improve your brand image

5. Measure returns

An effective beauty marketing strategy is important for your beauty salon, as it allows you to attract more customers and thus increase your profits.

But what is an effective marketing strategy for a beauty salon, a hair salon or a tattoo parlour?

1. How to gain visibility?

Gaining visibility is the first step in an effective beauty marketing strategy. This allows you to make your universe and your work known to your target.

According to a recent study, the cumulative length over a day of everything you scroll every day corresponds to 2 football fields!

This indicates that Internet audiences have a habit of scrolling through their news feed without realizing it.

It is therefore IMPERATIVE to capture the attention of your audience, it is the basis of effective marketing strategies.

Upstream communication work can be very useful in preparing for your launch (setting up a blog, publishing a white paper, participating in events, free training, etc.).

These are means of mass communication that allow to reach as many people as possible.

This allows you to see who is really interested in your work and above all to introduce it to other people.

To gain virality and exposure, there is no real miracle recipe.

However, we recommend a few tips to integrate into your marketing strategy:

Create quality content: your content must be of quality, that is to say interesting, entertaining and original. Indeed, the content must be greedy for the Internet user. Internet users must want to come back to your account, to share with other people and ESPECIALLY to use your products and services.

Also, when you create content or lay the first lines of your marketing strategy, ask yourself the following question:

"What can I do different to get my audience to stop on my post?"

Today, everyone unrolls their newsfeed frantically.

Multiply your acquisition channels: in order to develop your visibility and gain visibility, you need to multiply your acquisition channels. Among these channels, we can cite the following: social networks, advertising campaign, SEO (natural referencing on Google), E-mail, Le ...

Answer current questions: beauty is a subject that interests many people.

There are always questions about beauty that come up. You can also, for example, comment on the news of your favorite stars.

Create engaging videos: the videos often go viral. These are means of communication that reach a large audience and above all that allow them to differentiate themselves from other brands.

Knowing your audience well: you must know your target well and understand it through your advanced statistics. Everyone is marketing on social media today and just because your business is small doesn't mean you can't fit in there. That said, you should not neglect the field in your marketing strategy and discuss with your customers to better understand them.

Media purchase: in your marketing strategy, you must understand how to build and put online an effective advertising campaign that will bring you real customers. Google Meta (Ex Facebook, Instagram), Snapchat et Tik Tok (among others), have ultra-powerful advertising platforms that will be your best allies to develop your turnover when you have learned to master them.


    2. Stand out from the competition

    The beauty industry is an ultra-competitive industry.

    Marketing strategies are not lacking on the web, but it is difficult to find really effective ones.

    Keep in mind that your marketing strategy must absolutely set you apart from all your other competitors.

    But how to do it ?

    Create and build your brand: building a brand should be the top priority for all businesses in their marketing strategy.

    Brands are very important today and they are your best asset to succeed.

    They allow you to define your universe, highlight your values ​​and your uniqueness. (We will see this point more precisely in the point N° 4 Improve its brand image.)

    Make your brand known: you should know that if you do not make your brand known, no one will know you and therefore no one will buy from you.

    It is therefore essential to ensure that your brand is known as much as possible on all communication platforms.

    Create your graphic charter: one of the important points in your marketing strategy is that you must create your own creative universe.

    To do this, choose your colors (never more than 3), your fonts, your logo, your tone, etc ...

    Your graphic charter must be consistent and correspond to your brand. (*We We will see this point in detail in point n°4 below)

    Make the buzz: in a good marketing strategy, it is mandatory to include video content.

    Video is now the best way to stand out.

    Videos make the buzz, reach a large audience and help attract customers who did not know your brand, and especially to differentiate you from your competitors.

    Improve your reputation: several factors influence the reputation of a company (including the level of satisfaction of its customers), but the reviews posted by consumers of your products and services are the most important.

    These reviews can be positive or negative, but they all need to be addressed. The number of reviews determines your reputation with potential customers.

    In your marketing strategy, define standard responses and document the cases you may have.

    Organize events: the best way to communicate with your customers is to talk to them directly.

    Organize parties, tastings, product tests or events.

    You will then have the opportunity to discuss with your customers and get to know them better.

    In your marketing strategy, include partnerships that you can link with brands and/or service providers.


    Marketing quote

    3. Become more profitable

    Profitability must be at the heart of your strategic thinking.

    You must learn to identify and optimize which levers are the most profitable in achieving your marketing strategy.

    You must also control the fixed costs, the variable costs, but also the costs relating to marketing and your advertising campaigns.

    This will save you some management errors that can be fatal.

    Improve the visibility of your website: when you sell your products or services on the internet, you need to make it easy to find and buy them.

    For this, you must improve the accessibility, visibility and ergonomics of your website.

    These elements will also help you improve the conversion rate of your website.

    Improve user experience: remember a simple rule to include in the marketing strategy. Your audience must be 2 or 3 clicks away maximum to make an appointment or buy your products/services.

    To do this, you must simplify your marketing strategy for making appointments or purchasing online as much as possible.

    Improve your conversion rate: One of the most important criteria for measuring the effectiveness of your website marketing strategy is the increase in conversion rate.

    In other words, you need to improve the number of people who book appointments or buy your products/services on your website.

    Depending on your marketing strategy, you can use means of communication such as natural referencing, social networks, paid advertising, etc.

    Focus on existing customers: here is an error that many professionals full beauty make, focus on acquiring new customers forgetting about existing customers.

    A good marketing strategy must also take into account existing customers.

    Focusing on existing customers is the surest way to improve your sales.

    Developing your customers will allow you to generate more turnover and stabilize recurring income.

    For these reasons, you need to think about effective marketing and customer loyalty strategies that can be easily implemented.

    Remember, your website should be an extension of your institute.

    It must be designed and optimized for customer acquisition, but also to make life easier for your existing customers. (online booking, wishlist, customer account, etc.).

    Your site should therefore be used as a loyalty tool for existing customers so that they come back more often. in your living room.

    Do not hesitate to make models of your site and to put the customer journey in your marketing strategy.

    4. Improve your brand image

    After creating your brand, your visual identity and starting to generate your first customers, you will need to create your own universe and improve your brand image.

    You need to include these elements in your marketing strategy.

    • What is Branding?

    The brand image is the set of constituent elements of the visual message that represents the company.

    • How to define your brand image?

    The brand image is made up of different components:

    > Le name (or names) of the company;

    > Le logo;

    > The colors;

    > Le visual style;

    > The identification objects (business card, sign...) ;

    > La graphic signature and typography;

    > The supports (cops, to post...)

    For this, we strongly recommend that you call on a professional graphic designer in order to build a coherent graphic charter. 

     beauty salon marketing strategy


    5. Measure returns

    Remember this simple rule to include in your marketing strategy: you can only improve what you measure!

    It is essential to measure all your marketing actions in order to better understand how your audience and your customers interact with your company.

    For this, you can use sales data, time spent on your website, number of visitors, social networks or customer feedback.

    Thanks to this information, you will be able to optimize the impact and the effectiveness of your campaigns and of all the actions that you will put in place in your marketing strategy.

    Also, the more you master the use of data, the more you will be able to take advantage of it in order to improve yourself every day.

    For information, 96% of people do not buy on their first visit to a site and 75% of them start on a terminal and end up on another. The model "last click” is therefore becoming more and more open to criticism since it does not reflect reality, or only slightly.

    Various tools are available to collect data and better measure your actions. Among them, we can cite:

    • The pixels of platforms formats social networks (Facebook, Snapchat, Tik Tok...),
    • Google Analytics : G toolOogle which allows to track toute your website activity
    • Hotjar : tool that allows you to make HEAT MAP of your hearings.
    • etc...

    We advise you to list in your Marketing strategy all the tools that you will seem most suited to your needs. 

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about the really useful tools. 

    Concretely Thanks to the collection of data and your marketing strategy, you will be able to:

    • Retarget customers who have already seen you so that they come back to make an appointment or buy your products,
    • Put in place strategies that will allow you to segment your campaigns and reach customers in an effective way,
    • Set aside audience profiles you don't want to reach,
    • And much more...

    If you would like to learn more about this subject, do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here:

    If you have come this far, it is because you are interested in Marketing strategies and want to learn more and learn how to generate more customers for your business.

    Public chat sobella Paris, we have put in place all the elements that we mentioned above.

    We created our own marketing strategy and tested different techniques. Naturally, it is difficult to go into more detail and develop a marketing strategy as a whole.

    If you would like to discuss this with us, we can schedule a free call and discuss your marketing strategy in more detail.

    We can then take the time to discuss and understand your problem. We can also help you and advise you the best.

    For this, do not hesitate to contact us free of charge by clicking here:


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