If you are reading this article, it is because some of you are probably thinking: 

“Semi-permanent nail polish is easy! I can do it alone!”


“It's confinement, I can't stay with the same varnish, I'm going to manage on my own” etc….

Well, it's these kinds of questions that you shouldn't ask yourself and that cause many problems for some girls, who try to reproduce semi-permanent varnish deposits on their own at home.


We know that “do it all yourself” is all the rage these days, but... 


example of failed semi-permanent varnish removal


We realize that 'do it all yourself' is all the rage these days, but when using professional cosmetic products such as semi-permanent polishes on and around your skin, proper training and knowledge is absolutely essential. required.

If applying semi-permanent nail polish may seem simple at first glance, it is not because you have to be trained to do it. 

Understand the anatomy of the nails,

  • The chemistry of the cosmetic products necessary for a removal 
  • application techniques, 
  • Knowing how to use the right tools at the right time, 
  • understand the ins and outs of UV or LED lamps
  • etc.

What would you do if you spilled harmful product on your nails? Do you know how to get rid of it safely?


example of failed varnish removal


These are some points that an untrained person will face. 

Being trained is absolutely necessary in order to carry out a semi-permanent varnish removal in a safe and efficient way. if you don't have this knowledge, how do you want to remove semi-permanent nail polish without serious damage? 

At Sobella Paris, our professionals are qualified and familiar with professional products...


At Sobella Paris, our professionals are qualified and familiar with the professional products we use. They are trained on their effectiveness and their dangerousness, it is essential. 

This allows us to provide quality and painless services for our clients. Even being ultra-qualified with our training and our draconian rules, our beauty experts continue to perfect themselves.

Conversely, an untrained person needs this knowledge even more before they can make a correct removal on their own and without damage to their hands or skin.

We can easily understand that it's great to be able to get it dropped off at home for less when everything seems to be going well, but when problems arise, that's when the trouble begins.

You will then say to yourself that the product is of poor quality? That it's not your application technique that is in question?

That it's not the fault of lack of training?

Well you are wrong because practicing without training exposes your nails and skin to serious damage.


The British Association of Dermatologists has reported an increase in the number of allergies following home removal...


Unfortunately, it's not just the general public that this applies to; some professional technicians are also not properly trained. It is also for this reason that at Sobella Paris, our professionals are regularly subjected to advanced training on new trends and new aesthetic techniques. 

For information, the British Association of Dermatologists has reported an increase in the number of allergies following the removal of semi-permanent nail polish at home, certain brands used have been withdrawn from the market by the European Commission.

Many brands have strict criteria which may be considered a disadvantage by some technicians, as they can only purchase their products by providing a valid industry certificate, or having been trained beforehand. 

This is good because it keeps professional products in the hands of those who are trained to use them. 


removal of varnish missed example


However, many turn to online stores that are not official distributors. They think that the product they intend to buy by making a good deal is authentic. Which is of course a mistake. 

Professional and reputable brands will never list their products on these sites and therefore you have no guarantee of what you intend to buy.

The price will often reflect the quality of the product. If the product is cheaper than the commercial price you are used to paying, it is probably a counterfeit. This is often the reason why this kind of sites sell such products at a price lower than their commercial values.

Also, it is important not to buy an electric sander and try to make a removal with it. This damages your nail and you risk damaging it. In addition to the fact that the pain is unbearable, your nails will be unsightly for a long time. 

For information, if the foreign company has not registered the product with the European Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP), the product cannot be legally sold in Europe.

Another problem you may be exposed to is Marketing. There is also a problem with the way brands communicate about their products. Semi-permanent nail polish is defined as a gel on some sites but it's not a gel - again, many consumers are led to believe this.

I understand that some people want to do semi-permanent nail polish removal on their own at home, or just with friends or family, but proper training, technique and understanding are essential.

Do you still want to practice? So invest in knowledge, learn the proper techniques, invest in the health of your nails and your skin. That has no price. 


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