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What is Lipo Cavitation? Opinions and advice

Lipo cavitation body care reviews and tips

What is Lipo Cavitation advice and tips


How effective is Lipo Cavitation treatment?

Cavitation is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that uses ultrasound.

How effective is Lipo Cavitation treatment?

Lipo cavitation is an alternative treatment to liposuction. If surgical liposuction can hold you back, then Lipo Cavitation sculpting body care by Sobella Paris is for you.

Many people undergo liposuction every year to remove unwanted fat, it is still an invasive procedure that requires the insertion of an instrument under your skin to suck out unwanted fat.

There's always a chance you'll experience an allergic reaction, skin damage, pain, puncture of a vital organ, fluid imbalance or retention, or even a blocked artery or embolism, according to the American Society. of Dermatologic surgery.

Aesthetic professionals have assessed these risks and developed a safer and better alternative to surgical liposuction. This is when Lipo Cavitation was developed as an alternative


 "Our Lipocavitation sculpting treatment is a safe and effective alternative to Liposuction"


What is Lipo Cavitation treatment?

With Liposuction, a medical instrument is used to suck out fat from under your skin, while with Lipo Cavitation, nothing will be inserted under your skin or any product will be injected into you. At Sobella Paris, a feminine beauty institute in Suresnes, we use an ultrasound device to carry out this treatment protocol. A small amount of gel is applied to the skin where excess fat needs to be removed.

Then the ultrasound device is applied to the skin for a treatment session of 20 to 30 minutes. Our treatment protocol includes several treatments in 1: Sculpting massage + Active ingredients + Lipocavitation + Beauty diagnosis + Personalized assessment

It is a painless outpatient procedure that does not require anesthesia and has no known negative side effects.


 "Our treatment protocol includes several treatments in 1: Sculpting massage + Active ingredients + Lipocavitation + Beauty diagnosis + Personalized assessment"


How does it work?

The Ultrasound Instrument used in the lipocavitation sculpting massage procedure by Sobella Paris targets fat cells. The device used in this lipocavitation sculpting massage treatment protocol is calibrated only to target fat cells.

When the ultrasound waves are directed at the area of ​​fatty tissue you want to eliminate, they damage the fat cell membranes. Our treatment protocol has been developed to target fat cells, which will allow you to sculpt your body without danger.

During our treatment protocol, ultrasound waves begin to break down fatty areas. This releases triglycerides and other fatty substances that are a key component of flabby tissue. 

During the week following a lipocavitation treatment, your body will process excess triglycerides and fats through normal physiological processes.


 "Our treatment protocol has been developed to target fat cells, which will allow you to sculpt your body without danger"


How many treatments are needed?

Most people who choose to follow our lipocavitation sculpting treatment protocol see measurable reductions in fat within the first week.

However, a treatment program of 6 to 10 sessions is necessary to achieve the desired weight loss and sculpt your body, according to a study published in the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery.

Before your first treatment, you will meet our beauty expert for a free beauty consultation. 

In most cases, the ideal candidate for lipocavitation is someone who is at least moderately active and follows a healthy diet. 

Lipo Cavitation is not intended to treat morbid obesity, but works most effectively to remove unwanted fat from targeted areas of the body.

During your free beauty consultation, you'll discuss your goals and desired body image with our expert, then she'll create a care plan to meet your needs.


Here is the example of Lucie who lost 2 waistlines following 6 sessions of our Lipo Cavitation sculpting treatment by Sobella Paris, a women's beauty institute in Suresnes: 

Sobella paris lipocavitation sculpting treatment before and after review

What areas of the body can be treated? 

Our lipocavitation sculpting treatment is similar to liposuction in terms of the areas of the body where it can be used. The most common areas of the body, where our treatment protocol is used, are:  abdomen, face, neck, back, cheeks, thighs, chin, hips, arms and buttocks.


What to do before and after the treatment?

Before our lipocavitation sculpting treatment, you should already be moderately active and have a healthy diet.

During the week preceding a treatment session, we recommend that our clients drink approximately 8 large glasses of water a day, avoid alcohol, avoid tanning and adapt their diet. For best results, it is important to follow these recommendations. 

Adequate fluids are necessary to help your body process the excess fat and triglycerides that will be released as a result of the lipo cavitation sculpting treatment.

Too much alcohol will limit the liver function needed to process these substances and tanning before treatment can make your skin extra sensitive to the ultrasound waves used in the treatment.

After the treatment, you should continue to drink enough water and exercise regularly to help your body process the excess triglycerides and fatty substances released during the procedure.


What are the side effects of the treatment?

There are no known side effects about lipo cavitation and is proven to be an effective alternative to surgical liposuction. 

Our Lipo Cavitation sculpting treatment protocol is painless and requires no recovery time.

You may only feel slight temporary skin tenderness where the probe was used 


"No known side effects from lipo cavitation and proven to be an effective alternative to surgical liposuction."

In summary

There are many weight loss and weight reduction procedures out there, but some are more invasive than others.

If you're already active and eating healthy, but have areas of your body that just don't seem to respond to diet and exercise, our Lipo Cavitation Sculpting Treatment by Sobella Paris is for you to get the body you dream of.


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