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Sobella Paris


For a dazzling smile


Gain up to 4 shades of white


Test the real American teeth whitening


+ 254 Women whose smiles we have already enhanced.
So why not you ?

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Thanks to So'White, get up to 4 shades for white teeth and a sublime smile!

 Are you suffering from yellow teeth, surely you have tried any type of teeth whitening but nothing worked? So opt for American teeth whitening by Sobella Paris™️!

American teeth whitening is the only way to have white and smooth teeth instantly. Our So'White service, American teeth whitening by Sobella Paris™️ is much more effective than other traditional treatments. 

So why settle for standard teeth whitening?

Sobella Paris™️ is a dental whitening service that transforms your smile in just a few minutes. It's an instant result. You only need a few minutes to have a radiant smile. Whether you are looking for teeth whitening for a truly perfect smile, So'white is the best option offered to you by Sobella Paris.

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Find snow-white teeth! ❆

So'White, the service that makes your smile shine!

Whiten your teeth with our American So'White dental whitening service. You can win up to 4 shades!

Discover our So' White offer, 3 treatments to satisfy all your needs.

Forget the ineffective and conventional teeth whitening products. American teeth whitening is the only whitening that gives you instant results. Our whitening gels are much higher in peroxide than gels intended for lambda cosmetic practice.