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Take advantage of a unique promotional offer to illuminate your face and restore all its splendour.

this promo pack of 3 hydrafacial sessions is effective and ideal for people who suffer from acne or impurity on their face. It effectively treats skin problems while providing a deep cleansing effect.

We have designed this pack to include microdermabrasion to remove dead cells, while preventing fine lines and wrinkles, as well as a series of treatments.

It also includes oxygenation of the skin thanks to our special machine which ensures enhanced hydration of the skin, making it beautiful, smooth and silky.

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BB GLOW, 0 faults!

Want a flawless complexion? Then opt for our Microneedling + BBGLOW + LED treatment. Microneedling + BB GLOW + LED regenerates your skin and instantly gives it a glow. This microneedling treatment combined with BB GLOW and LED treatment will deeply revitalize your skin. This combination also eliminates sebum deposits that can contribute to the formation of fine lines.

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What are the benefits of the Microneedling + BB GLOW treatment?

Our treatment has many advantages such as:

- Immediate hydration;

- Reduction of pore size;

- Activates the production of collagen;

- Plumps up the face;

- Gives a boost of radiance and an immediate more toned appearance.

How long does the treatment last?

Our treatment lasts 1 hour. Upon your arrival at Sobella Paris, one of our beauty experts will welcome you for a free beauty diagnosis before the service.

What is the free beauty consultation?

Our free beauty consultation is provided with each treatment at Sobella Paris. It allows you to discuss with our beauty expert and answer all your beauty questions. This exchange will also allow us to provide you with valuable advice on your beauty routine and to give you precise information about your future treatment.