Training: Why is training important? -Sobella Paris

Training: Why is training important?

Training: Why is training important?

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1. Be autonomous

2. Have better employability

3. Learn new skills

4. Develop social skills

5. Increase your potential

6. Develop your turnover

Want to train? Rise in competence ?

Do you want to improve your ability to generate added value and learn new techniques in aesthetic beauty?

Do you want to develop your career and are looking for an interesting training? Then you've come to the right place!

1. Be autonomous

At Sobella Academy, we do much more than train our students. We offer them quality training, and teach them all our techniques and tips to help them gain autonomy and technique in their daily practice. Also, we accompany them via a private group where we can discuss their work and give them advice on nail prosthesis, on microneedling or even on Candy Lips Perfect after having followed our training.

It is with the aim of giving them all the techniques necessary to improve their skills that we have thought and designed our beauty training.

All our trainers are professionals who have recognized expertise in the fields of well-being, beauty, business creation and marketing. They have already worked with many companies, communities and training consulting firms.

2. Have better employability

Thanks to our training, you will be armed to develop your own beauty salon, work on your own as a self-employed entrepreneur or even have all the skills that will make the difference during your future job interview in a beauty institute. beauty.

Our beauty training courses are organized within our beauty institute, located in Suresnes, in the Hauts-de-Seine department. Choose the training you want and develop your skills for better employability.

Our training:

  • Microneedling training
  • Deep facial training
  • Candy Lips Perfect Training
  • American Gel X Pose Training,
  • Nail prosthesis training. : The Sonails Basic, The Sonails Pro, The Sonails Artist, The Sonails Master.

Want to learn more about our training? Then click on this link =>

3. Learn new skills

It is important to train well if you want to acquire solid skills. This is all the more true in the beauty and aesthetics professions. If you have ever heard of Microneedling care then learning this skill through our Microneedling training can be of great help to you.

Our courses are ideal for everyone:

  • Who already have a job but want to improve. There are various courses offered within our Academy which will allow you to acquire new skills, which will be beneficial for your career.


  • All those who wish to be accompanied in a professional reorientation. After each training, we support you over time to make your learning a success.


  • All Beauty Professionals who wish to learn new skills, new techniques and set up new offers for their beauty institute in order to develop their turnover.

Learn new beauty techniques that are currently all the rage like the Candy Lips Perfect training by Sobella Paris. You can learn more about this technique by reading our article by clicking on the following link:

4. Develop social skills

In addition to developing your technical skills, we will also develop your social and marketing skills.

Learn our sales techniques to learn how to develop your turnover thanks to our unique marketing and sales techniques. We will teach you how to be profitable from your first service.

We will give you the keys to develop your turnover and guide you throughout the training. These sales techniques will help you sell more, better and faster.

Learn how to take care of your clients, and give them an unforgettable beauty experience, to restore their self-confidence in all circumstances.

We will develop your sense of communication and negotiation. You will be required to manage daily customer relations, both on the phone and face-to-face.

Your ability to empathize and adapt to different scenarios will also be developed.

photo to describe a training session by Sobella Paris


5. Increase your potential

During our interview before our training, we will define together your objectives, your needs and your ambitions in order to set up the roadmap which will allow you to take advantage of the full potential of our training courses whether you are a beginner or confirmed in the universe. of beauty.

Anyone can learn? Can everyone improve?

Yes everyone can learn and everyone can improve. You just need to have desire, motivation and good training.

The Sobella Academy training will be an opportunity for you to discover tools and techniques that you never had before and which will allow you to develop your skills and your turnover.

How to increase your potential and learning through our Sobella Academy training?

The notion of learning is intimately linked to the notion of human potential. What is your potential? How to develop it?

How to improve your learning?

How to learn well?

How to learn faster?

You want to increase your potential and/or your learning, or you want to see more clearly about these notions:

  • Learn to define your potential.
  • Learn to develop your potential.
  • Learn the different factors that affect your potential.
  • ETC ...

Thanks to our trainings, we will teach you how to define all this.


6. Develop your turnover

Thanks to our training, we will help you develop your turnover and be profitable quickly. For example, if you develop a small activity of 1 client per day on the basis of 26 days worked, you can potentially earn up to €6500 monthly per month. Attention, This turnover is not a profit and it is necessary to pay attention to this nuance.

Thanks to our training and our follow-up, we will teach you how to optimize your turnover, your profit, and we will teach you how to be profitable. We will teach you our techniques and strategies to develop your customers and we will teach you how to best satisfy them in order to retain them.

Developing its turnover goes through recruitment by new customers but ALSO by the loyalty of customers already acquired.

Here is a first rule IMPORTANT to not forget : acquiring your new customers costs more than retaining the customers you have already acquired! This rule is essential if you wish to develop your turnover and develop your clientele.

But don't worry, we'll teach you how to optimize the recruitment of new customers and how to manage existing customers well.

You can then begin to develop your turnover and make your business a success.

If you are entering the world of aesthetics and beauty, you will have to give paramount importance to digital and traditional marketing. Don't worry, our techniques and training will teach you how to tame it all.

All our CPF training courses are accessible and detailed on our website. Click on the following link for more information: and go to your personal training accounts for more info.

Do you want to check your personal training accounts? Would you like to know more about "my government training account"? So click here:

Also, our training can be supported by Pôle emploi. We therefore invite you to inquire with Pôle emploi for more information or to do a google search by indicating: formation Pôle emploi" in the search engine or "facial care training without CAP"

photo of an ongoing training sobella academy sobella paris

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