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Complete your style with an irresistible American GelX pose!


For long-lasting hold


Unlike other techniques


Secures, maintains & perfect finish.


We have sublimated more than 1800 hands
So why not you ?

Standard from 10 a.m. to 19 p.m.

☎️ Book for FREE online or by phone at +33981048686 and pay in institute.


New: discover Gel x at Sobella Paris in Suresnes 

All our expertise in Gelx application at the service of your nails. 

Gel X (or American pose) is a nail extension technique. This technique is different from the pose with classic capsules, which are placed at the end of the nail, and the template where the nail is built entirely with a builder gel or acrylic.

With the Gel X capsule application, we use special capsules designed and studied to preserve your nail for an optimal duration. These capsules are placed on the entire nail as close as possible to the cuticles, and they thus cover the entire nail and form the extension.

The Gelx pose is an effective method for having well-groomed and aesthetic hands for long-lasting hold. 

The advantages of Gelx: 

⭐️ Long-lasting outfit, (on average 3 weeks); 

(I.e. Nails do not turn yellow; 

🔥 The GelX Solidifies your nails; 

💅🏼 At the time of removal, your nails are not damaged

Our Gel X method is particularly recommended for people who have bitten, yellowed, soft, dull, brittle nails or who often come into contact with detergent products...

Do you want a very specific nail art? do not hesitate to contact us in order to make you an estimate. 

*Good to know : the natural state of the nails can provide information on possible dietary deficiencies such as a lack of vitamins, calcium or mineral salts.


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The American GelX pose for perfect hands.

For perfect hands, adopt the American pose GelX by Sobella Paris. This unique technique is perfect for an exceptional false nail application.

Accompanied by a manicure and a semi-permanent application, the American Gelx application is the perfect alliance for sublime hands.

The American GelX pose is possible whether you want nails with a solid color, a French or Nail art.