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For perfect lips without surgery and without pain.

💫 Reservation without deposit. (No credit card required)


In all circumstances


Without pain and without surgery


From a value of 80€ is offered.


+ We enhanced the lips of 296 women
So why not you ?

*WARNING* For your safety, semi-permanent makeup is prohibited in the following cases:
- For pregnant women,
- On a real mole.
- And cold sore.

This rate offers a touch-up within 30 days after the performance. After this period, the alteration will be invoiced at the normal rate.

CANDY LIPS PERFECT: The ultimate solution for beautiful lips all year round!

Candy Lips Perfect: The ultimate solution to have perfect lips, made up with a bitten effect to all tests and for a long-lasting hold. 

Our semi-permanent make-up technique: Candy Lips Perfect, corrects all the imperfections of your lips, for a perfect result (asymmetrical lips, depigmentation etc...). Your mouth will be more sublime than ever without surgery.

For a perfect mouth without surgery and without pain!

This semi-permanent makeup technique is totally painless and is carried out in 1 hour by our qualified beauty experts in France and abroad. Before each service, they will carry out a free beauty diagnosis. This will allow us to answer all your questions and to present you in detail the progress of the service.

Make an appointment online via our booking calendar on this page. This is FREE OF CHARGE, fast and without deposit. Switch to Candy Lips Perfect by Sobella Paris™️ and forget your lipstick, you won't need it anymore!

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  • Candy Lips Perfect for perfect lips without pain and without surgery!

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Before / After Candy Lips Perfect

The Candy Lips Perfect by Sobella Paris gives a classy and glamorous effect to your lips. In this before / after photo, we corrected a depigmentation on the upper lip and gave our client a bitten effect thanks to our Candy Lips Perfect.

Candy Lips Perfect: For a sublime mouth

Thanks to our Candy Lips Perfect, we neutralized the overpigmentation of our client's lips, while adding a volume and glossy effect. Her mouth is now made up, sublime and perfect in all circumstances.


Who is Candy Lips Perfect recommended for?

The Candy Lips Perfect by Sobella Paris is recommended for all those who wish to sublimate their lips with a made-up and bitten effect in all circumstances.

Also, Candy Lips Perfect can correct the following lip imperfections:

- The symmetry,
- Dull lips,
- Depigmentation,
- Overpigmentation,

and other flaws...

Want to learn more? Do not hesitate to contact us and book your free diagnosis. We can then offer you personalized advice.

What is a Candy Lips Perfect at Sobella Paris?

Candy Lips Perfect by Sobella Paris is a semi-permanent make-up technique that corrects many lip imperfections, for example: Asymmetrical, depigmented lips, among others, while giving them a made-up and sublime appearance for long wear duration.

How long does Candy Lips Perfect last?

Our Candy Lips Perfect has a long-lasting hold of 6 months to 1 year.

How is the Candy Lips Perfect at Sobella Paris?

After having made an appointment online on our website, we will receive you on the chosen date in order to proceed with the service.

Before each service, we advise our clients during an interview and beauty diagnosis. During this interview, we answer all your questions but also choose the color of your lips together according to your style and skin tone. The service is completely painless and we will inform you at the end of the session of the simple protocol to follow.

Are there any contraindications?

There are contraindications on everything related to semi-permanent makeup.

Semi-permanent make-up as a whole is not recommended for the following people:

- Allergies.

- Progressive skin diseases.

- Diabetes.

- Silicone injections.

- Pregnant or breastfeeding women.

- Cold sores and cold sores

  • Sarah.L

    I had dull lips and I did Candy Lips at Sobella Paris. After advising me and explaining the whole procedure over a coffee, I proceeded with the service. It was painless and quick. Since then I have beautiful lips! I recommend !

  • Arielle.A

    Thanks to Sobella and her team, I have sublime lips. I had an asymmetry on the upper lips. Since my Candy Lips, I have perfectly asymmetrical and super colored lips. I like!

  • Nadia.P

    I wanted colored and shiny lips so on the advice of a friend who had already done it, I opted to make an appointment at Sobella Paris. Result: I am super satisfied and I have recommended this institute to my work colleagues.