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ANTI DARK LIPS: Say goodbye to your dark lips

We neutralize your dark lips for a sublime mouth

💫 Reservation without deposit. (No credit card required)


We neutralize your dark lips and free you from your complexes


Thanks to our unique know-how, you will not feel any pain


At the moment and for a limited time, 3 sessions are offered according to your needs.

🔥 FREE appointment (NO CB REQUIRED)

Unlike other institutes, at Sobella Paris appointments are free and without prepayment. No credit card is required
So why not you ?

*WARNING* For your safety, semi-permanent makeup is prohibited in the following cases:
- For pregnant women,
- On a real mole.
- And cold sore.
This price includes a touch-up to be carried out within 30 days after the service. After this period, the alteration will be invoiced at the normal rate.

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Neutralization Dark Lips What is it? 

Say goodbye to your dark lips! 

You can't stand your dark lips anymore and it makes you feel complex? Free yourself with our ANTI DARK LIPS semi-permanent make-up technique.

 Our technique ANTI DARK LIPS is specially designed to correct dark and hyper-pigmented lips.

This technique developed by Sobella Paris makes it possible to neutralize your dark and overpigmented lips without pain and without surgery.

Your lips will appear more natural and endowed with a beautiful homogeneous color.

Dark Lips is a semi-permanent makeup technique that works on all skin colors. You will finally be able to have perfect lips in minutes!

Make an appointment now, without deposit and without prepayment. 

❤️ 3 sessions included according to your needs
❤️ Make an appointment now, it's free, fast and without prepayment. No credit card required.

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  • Say goodbye to your dark lips, we neutralize your overpigmentation quickly, painlessly and without surgery.

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ANTI DARK LIPS: Contraindications

To be of legal age

Not being under medical treatment

Not having made injections in the 2 months before the service

Do not breastfeed

Not be pregnant

Not be prone to cold sores